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The 2016 SEG Annual Meeting in Dallas, 16-21 October

SEG President John Bradford presents Roel Snieder with the 2016 SEG Outstanding Educator Award for his remarkable commitment over the past decade, of educating the public in science.


Roel Snieder




The 2016 EAGE in Vienna, 30 May - 2 June

CWP was well represented at the 2016 Annual meeting of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, held this year in Vienna, Austria. Presentations were made by students Vladimir Li and Daniel Rocha, and CWP research associate John Stockwell.




Thank you for joining us: 2016 CWP Project Review Meeting, May 16-19

The Center for Wave Phenomena thanks all representatives from our Consortium sponsor companies who attended the 2016 Project Review Meeting of the Consortium Project on Seismic Inverse Methods for Complex Structures. CWP welcomed representatives from all over the globe who generously support our geophysics research.


Mike Wakin

Guest speaker Mike Wakin explains
projections between spaces of different dimension with the aid of the shadow of a tinker toy


Sponsor meeting reception

Daniel Rocha

CWP student Daniel Rocha presents his work on imaging with the energy norm



April 15 visit - Joe Dellinger, BP America Inc.


Joe Dellinger

Joe Dellinger,
BP America

Joe presentation

Dr. Dellinger (standing) begins his presentation

Joe Slide

Dr. Dellinger highlights data from different sources



Satyan Singh successfully defends his PhD thesis

On 8 April 2016, Satyan Singh successfully defended his Doctor of Philosophy thesis, titled "An inverse scattering approach to imaging using Marchenko equations in the presence of a free surface," at the Colorado School of Mines. He conducted his research at Mines under the guidance of Prof. Roel Snieder, his CWP advisor. Well done, Satyan!


Satyan Singh

Satyan Singh,

Satyan title slide

Satyan prepares the title slide of his presentation

Satyan begins

Satyan begins his thesis defense

Satyan query

Satyan responds to a query from Prof. Snieder



Nishant Kamath successfully defends his PhD thesis

On 5 April 2016, Nishant Kamath successfully defended his Doctor of Philosophy thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. His thesis, titled "Full-waveform inversion for VTI media" was defended under the guidance of his advisor, Prof. Ilya Tsvankin. Nishant will continue on to conduct post-doctoral research at CWP. Congratulations, Nishant!


Nishant Kamath

Nishant Kamath, PhD

Nishant defense begins

Nishant prepares his slide presentation

Nishant begins

Nishant begins the defense of his thesis

Nishant query

Nishant responds to a query from a committee member



March 31 visit - John Etgen, BP America Inc.


John Etgen

John Etgen
Distinguished Advisor,
BP America


L-R: CWP students Yuting Duan, Nishant Kamath, and Dr. Etgen


Dr. Etgen (with laptop) presents to CWP faculty and students



March 28 visit - Ernst Niederleithinger, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)

Ernst On 28 March 2016, Ernst Niederleithinger, an old friend and former long-term CWP visitor, returned to Colorado to check in and catch up with us. Dr. Niederleithinger was visiting us from Berlin, where he works at the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM - the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing). Although his visit to Colorado this time is a short one, welcome back Ernst - it's nice to see you again!




Kaoru Sawazaki receives the SSJ Young Scientist Award

Kaoru Sawazaki Kaoru Sawazaki, a former CWP long-term visitor and postdoctoral scholar, was recently awarded the Seismological Society of Japan (SSJ) Young Scientist Award. The award is given to young scientists whose research work in seismology produced excellent achievements in the field of seismology. Kaoru's research focused on how seismic velocity changes are associated with large earthquakes and how it recovers to its original value.

Congratulations, Kaoru!




Roel Snieder awarded with 2016 EGU Gutenberg Medal

Roel SniederEGU Roel Snieder, the W.M. Keck Distinguished Professor of Basic Exploration Science at the Colorado School of Mines, was awarded with the 2016 Beno Gutenberg Medal from the European Geosciences Union. The EGU awards the Gutenberg Medal to individuals "in recognition of [their] outstanding contributions to the theoretical foundations of modern methods of seismic imaging." Prof. Snieder was recognized for his work in finite-frequency tomography, his approaches to associate signal processing and numerical modelling of wave propagation to improve the use of the growing amount of data recorded by modern arrays, as well as how fundamental concepts can be applied in exploration geophysics, as well as his concern for illuminating the scientific issues needed in order to understand and address the world's pressing problems.



Xinming Wu successfully defends his PhD thesis

On 5 February 2016, Xinming Wu successfully defended his Doctor of Philosophy thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Xinming defended his thesis, titled "3D seismic image processing for interpretation" under the guidance of Prof. Dave Hale, his thesis advisor. Following his successful defense, Xinming will be conducting post-doctoral research at the University of Texas, Austin, with Prof. Sergey Fomel. Congratulations, Xinming!


Xinming Wu

Xinming Wu,


Xinming begins his thesis defense


Xinming responds to a thesis committee member's query


Xinming with his thesis advisor, Prof. Dave Hale



Consortium Sponsors - save this date: 2016 Project Review Meeting

Consortium Sponsors, mark your calendars for the 2016 CWP Project Review Meeting on 16-19 May 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. More information will be available soon on this website. Please contact Pamela Kraus, CWP Program Assistant, if you have any questions regarding this meeting. Thank you for your support of our Consortium and we look forward to seeing you at the meeting.





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