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2017 CWP Annual Project Review Meeting

Please join us for the 2017 CWP Annual Project Review Meeting, Monday, May 15 through Wednesday, May 17, in Golden, Colorado

Note: There is NO Thursday morning session this year. Please RSVP to Dawn Umpleby by April 15 if you plan to attend.


Monday, May 15, Colorado School of Mines

Student Center, Ballrooms A/B

Symposium on Machine Learning

    1:00-1:45pm "Concepts of machine learning" - Antoine Guitton, Center for Wave Phenomena, Colorado School of Mines
    1:45-2:30pm "Machine learning using high-D spatial data"" - Anya Reading, University of Tasmania
    2:30-3:15pm "Introduction to multi-attribute interpretation" - Tom Smith, Geophysical Insights
    3:15-3:40pm Break
    3:40-4:25pm "Machine learning forecasting of laboratory fault failure" - Nicholas Lubbers, Los Alamos National Laboratory
    4:25-4:45pm "Statistical identification of faults using a machine learning approach" - Antoine Guitton, Center for Wave Phenomena, Colorado School of Mines
    4:45-5:00pm Discussion
    5:00-7:00pm Reception - Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum

Tuesday, May 16, The Golden Hotel

    7:15am Golden Vista Room - Breakfast
    8:00am Clear Creek Ballroom - Welcome - Paul Sava
    8:10am "High-resolution multicomponent distributed acoustic sensing" - Ivan Lim Chen Ning
    8:40am "Connecting smooth dynamic warping and the memory effect" - Aaron Prunty
    9:10am "Acoustic VTI wavefield tomography of P-wave surface and VSP data" - Vladimir Li
    9:40am Break
    10:10am "Waveform inversion and time-reversal imaging in attenuative TI media" - Tong Bai
    10:40am "Stacking-velocity tomography in tilted orthorhombic media" - Qifan Liu
    11:10am "Analysis of diffractions in dip angle gathers for transversely isotropic media" - Yogesh Arora
    11:40am "Preconditioned 3D LSRTM with matching filters" - Antoine Guitton
    12:10pm Lunch - Golden Vista Room
    1:10pm "3D acoustic least-squares reverse time migration using the energy norm" - Daniel Rocha
    1:40pm "Local wavefield tomography" - Colton Kohnke
    2:10pm "Elastic least squares reverse time migration: a case study" - Yuting Duan, Shell
    2:40pm Break
    3:10pm "Airborne seismic acquisition using stereo vision" - Thomas Rapstine
    3:40pm "Making Marchenko imaging work with field data and the bumpy road to 3D" - Alex Jia
    4:10pm "Quantitative estimation of uncertainty in seismic imaging" - Iga Pawelec
    4:40pm "The transitions to chaos and where the advances will come from" - John Etgen, BP America

Wednesday, May 17, The Golden Hotel

    7:45am Golden Vista Room - Breakfast
    8:30am Clear Creek Ballroom - "Damaging and healing of earth materials as a multi-scale phenomenon" - Roel Snieder
    9:00am "Time-dependent material properties and thermodynamics" - Jack Li
    9:30am "Reducing interpolation artifacts using reweighted analysis inversion" - Lucas Almeida
    10:00am "Elastic least-squares reverse time migration using the energy norm" - Daniel Rocha
    10:30am Break
    11:00am "Estimation of fracture parameters using elastic FWI" - Ilya Tsvankin
    11:20am "Full-waveform inversion for reservoir characterization: A synthetic study" - Nishant Kamath
    11:50am "Waveform inversion for microseismic velocity analysis and event location in VTI media" - Oscar Jarillo Michel
    12:20pm Lunch - Golden Vista Room
    1:20pm "Multicomponent imaging with DAS" - Ivan Lim Chen Ning
    1:50pm "Autonomous GPR acquisition and diffraction imaging" - Alicia Johnson
    2:20pm Business discussion
    2:50pm Break
    3:20pm "Land data: Making marine data from land data: Suppressing 2-D surface noise on a 1-D line" - Jon Claerbout, Stanford University
    3:50pm "Seismic orbital laser vibrometer" - Paul Sava
    4:20pm Adjourn

Lodging options within walking distance of the meeting venues include:

Lodging options outside of downtown Golden that would require a rental car include:

The Golden Hotel has adequate free guest parking for those who choose to rent a car. Please contact Dawn directly if you will need a parking code for parking on the CSM campus on Monday.





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